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By Jacqueline Jencquel 3 years ago
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Following on from the success at Second Reading in the House of Lords back in July, the Assisted Dying Bill still has some way to go. As you may know, the Bill is currently making its way through the remainder of its stages in the House of Lords, a process that then needs to be repeated in the House of Commons before it becomes law.


We are now less than a year from the General Election, to be held on 7 May next year.


Whilst MPs may not get a chance to vote on the Bill before the election, in the run up to the General Election it is important that parliamentary candidates understand that change is on the horizon and that a significant number of their potential constituents support a change in the law on assisted dying.


In the coming weeks and months, and with an increasing frequency as we approach the General Election, you are likely to be contacted by parliamentary candidates seeking your vote.


Please use the opportunity to express:


** Your support for a change in the law on assisted dying.

** Your hope that if elected they will help enact a safeguarded law to provide greater choice and protection at the end of life.


The Coalition Government and the Official Opposition have indicated that they consider this issue not to be an issue for party politics but a matter of conscience for individual Parliamentarians. As such we would like to see a commitment from all parliamentary candidates both now and after the General Election to changing the law so that dying people do not have to suffer against their wishes.


Thank you,


Sarah Wootton

Chief Executive, Dignity in Dying

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