Letter from Sarah Wootton Chief Executive, Dignity in Dying

By Jacqueline Jencquel 3 years ago
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Good morning,

This week we heard from yet another Briton who was failed by the uncompassionate laws in this country. Jeffrey Spector, a father and husband from Lancashire, travelled abroad to have an assisted death. As he said, with an assisted dying law in this country, his options would have been so much different:

“If the UK law was changed I would go down the surgery route to take the tumour out — get rid of it. Conventional wisdom says I won’t improve.

“But I don’t want to take the chance of very high-risk surgery and find myself paralysed. You are left with the choice someone else must take over. If the law was changed I would not have gone when I did. It is the law in the UK making people go before.”

With a change in the law, Jeffrey Spector would have been able to consider all of his options and spent the time remaining to him at his home, with his family and loved ones around him. As Lord Falconer said on Wednesday, Jeffrey Spector and many others like him deserve the attention of Parliament.

These tragic stories show all too clearly why the law must change.  Our accounts for 2014 have been published, showing that we had 36,000 active supporters at the end of the last financial year. But these accounts are already out of date – thousands more people like you are joining every month!

Only with your support will law change happen, and we will be in touch soon about how you can help with the next stage of the campaign. In the meantime, please keep spreading the word about our campaign.

Thank you again for your support,

All the best,

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