DID – Noel loses case, vows to appeal

By Alexis 4 months ago
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Good afternoon,

Today we received the disappointing news that the High Court has ruled against Noel Conway is his fight for choice at the end of life.

But crucially, the High Court disagreed with the Ministry of Justice’s argument that they should not even consider the case. Instead the judges agreed with Noel that the courts do have the ability and the authority to declare the current law inconsistent with human rights. This will help Noel’s case and any future cases that may come forward.

It was always likely that we’d have to support Noel all the way to the Supreme Court and he has already vowed to appeal this decision.

Noel’s legal team are already looking into the process of appealing this decision. With your support we will continue to fight the cruelty of the current law.

Thank you for all your messages of support so far. Every time we speak to Noel and his wife Carol, they always mention how much it means to them to have so many people behind them.





We fight on.

Thank you,

Zach Moss

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