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By Alexis 2 months ago
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This week, a tragic news story reminded us all how important it is to not only complete a Living Will but also to share it with the people that matter.

The family of an 81-year-old woman received £45,000 in compensation after she was kept alive against her will. Brenda Grant made a Living Will (now known as an Advance Decision) stating she feared ‘degradation and indignity’ more than death after seeing her mum lose independence through dementia.

But the local hospital misplaced the document and she was artificially fed for 22 months.

Many of you might have completed a Living Will, however this case shows is that sharing it is just as important filling it in.

How will people know about your Living Will?

  1. Ask your GP to keep a copy with your medical records
  2. Ask your GP to add the fact you have one to your Summary Care Record
  3. Give a copy to anyone regularly involved in your care
  4. Give a copy to your friends and family members
  5. Request a Notice of Advance Decision Card – click to order
  6. Keep a copy on your person

Not yet started your Living Will?

Our sister charity Compassion in Dying not only provide free Living Will forms but can help you complete one.

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