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By Alexis 2 months ago
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It’s been quite a year for the campaign.

With so much activity sometimes it’s worth taking stock of just how far we’ve come.

Many thanks to our ever-expanding network of local groups who continue to make the case for change with their local MPs – we now have 33 local groups up and down the country doing fantastic work in our target constituencies.

2017 - A Year in Review
We also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the 19 brave people who chose to speak out as part of our recent expose on the ‘True Cost of outsourcing death to Dignitas‘.

Individually these stories are moving, together they form the most robust and compelling case for change we’ve seen to date.

We are also grateful to Sandy Briden, who has sadly just died of her terminal sarcoma but contributed an enormous amount to our campaign this year.

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