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By Alexis 4 weeks ago
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We have great news to share – earlier today Noel Conway was granted permission to appeal the dismissal of his case.

This important decision now clears the way for Noel’s case to be heard at the Court of Appeal.

Noel Conway: “I am pleased that my case will now proceed to the Court of Appeal. I brought this case not only for myself but on behalf of all terminally ill people who believe they should have the right to die on their own terms. Our voices deserve to be heard.”

As well as demonstrating the public’s appetite for a change in the law, Noel’s case has already confirmed that the courts do have the authority to declare the law incompatible with human rights legislation.

This is a significant step forward.

As soon as we know more about the appeal hearing, we’ll let you know how you can help support Noel’s case.
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